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Try this year’s indie smash hit for free, with Evergate Ki’s Awakening

When a lost soul named "Ki" awakens in the afterlife, her path back to earth is blocked by the ‘Evergate’. To return home, Ki must decipher her mysterious connection to kindred spirit as she navigates through memories of a time once past.

Complete each level by reaching the end gate. Analyse the environment, plan your route, and use the mysterious crystals to your advantage.

Precisely align your Soulflame between crystals and a white surface. Fire a beam of energy and watch as you smash through, releasing powerful energies that will aid your pursuit of the end gate.

Each type of crystal scattered throughout each memory holds their own unique power. Experiment with them and discover new ways to reach the unreachable and safely navigate perilous environments. Hit multiple crystals at once to combined their energies and find new creative ways to reach the end gate.

Gorgeous hand-drawn visuals and an elegantly orchestrated soundtrack - recorded by a live orchestra - immerse players in the Afterlife and bring dreams, nightmares and spirits alive in stunning detail.

Enjoy Ki’s Awakening? Try the full game and experience the full story, levels and crystals Evergate has to offer:


Stone Lantern Games is a Boston-based studio comprised of 4 MIT graduates. Like a gamer choosing a character class, each engineer on the team specializes in one of four proficiencies: Visual Effects, Art, Music, or Narrative.

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