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Take the trash to the curb!

It's 1969 and an evil crime syndicate is trying to take over the streets of San Francisco.
As part of the city's elite police force, the “Deathwish Enforcers”,
it is your duty to bring down the scum that litter your
streets in any way possible! And take the fight back to
the syndicate's leader: Big Boss X! Venture though drug filled streets,
tame undead filled cemeteries, take on biker gangs
and beat the crap out of suspects for power ups!

· 7 levels of arcade shooting mayhem!
· 5 elite squad members to choose from!
· Power up your weapon or destroy enemies with a special!
· Interrupt a porn shoot!
· Up to 4 player local co-op!
· Simplistic Pick up and play arcade action!
· Get funked by the master of retro audio, Gryzor87!!
- New Character Maxwell Bondage!
- Gameplay sped up to match a certain other arcade classic ;)
- Sexy new title screen :O
- A Parody of beloved classic Sunset Riders and many action heroes and movies!

A gritty, non-stop blood bath from the creator of Insanity's Blade, Super Battle Princess Madelyn and the recently released GuardGrave. And a parody of beloved 60s and 70s classic action films, heroes and villains.

Deathwish Enforcers...

There's gonna be hell to pay!

***Warning - this game is short and is meant to be played multiple times -it's an arcade style game ~40-60 minutes to complete on easy***

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