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Alone in the Dark (2008)

  • Жанры: Экшены, Приключенческие игры

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The game that started the popular survival horror genre returns better than ever! Players control Edward Carnby, the main character from the original Alone in the Dark, on a thrilling journey through a dark and terrifying re-creation of New York's Central Park where Carnby must discover the truth behind a dark conspiracy.

With inspiration from the presentation style of popular action TV dramas, Alone in the Dark will be split into a number of distinct episodes. With approximately 30-40 minutes of gameplay comprising each episode, the structure of Alone in the Dark pulls you into world that delivers a fiercely gripping and terrifying experience. Each time the player launches a saved game, the episode will begin with a video summary of the previous episode to quickly re-immerse the player in the story and removing the need to remember where they were or what they were doing. Every episode will close with a nail-biting cliff-hanger ending to rattle players' nerves, and if the player is leaving the game a video teaser of the next episode will play to leave them wanting more.

Alone in the Dark will provide a complete next-generation, action packed experience within a highly detailed, free roaming environment, featuring a mixture of real-time physics and full environmental interaction. The game will mark a new beginning for the Alone in the Dark series.


  • Action oriented gameplay that features intense "edge of your seat" thrills and twists
  • Immersive free-roaming, interactive environments intricately based on NYC's Central Park
  • Episodic Structure: 30 to 40 minute episodes grip you in a constant, high level of intensity
  • Story written by Lorenzo Carcaterra (NY Times Bestselling author of "Sleepers" and "Apaches")
  • Wide range weapons to destroy both enemy agents and eventually the source of the evil itself .
  • Vehicles not only offer a means of transportation, but become actual game mechanics which are part of puzzles and solutions to in game challenges.
  • Eden's new TWILIGHT engine creates a lavishly detailed game world with highly realistic effects such as moisture, reflections and advanced cinematography.
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