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Play like a Pirate in this Challenging Match 3 Adventure Game and enjoy the stylish graphics. Use your upgrades and bonuses wisely and guide Bobby in an interesting story of this great Davy Jones adventure. Speed and a good strategy are needed to rebuild the pirate ship and save Bobby in time.

Davy Jones was a legendary Pirate which has sold his soul to the Devil. In his famous ship 'The Flying Dutchmen' Davy Jonas was pirating the Caribbean for gold an treasures. Nobody is save for Dayy Jones, and poor Bobby does not stand a change without your help. Save Bobby from the hands of the Devil of the Sea. Save his life and his soul from wandering over the 7 Seas between Hell and Earth forever.

In store for you:

- Beautiful Hand-Drawn graphics
- Enjoy the pirate atmosphere of Davy Jones’ Locker
- Unravel this interesting plot, spoken dialogs and exciting cutscenes
- Meet all the pirates with their own destiny and story
- Beat all 100 difficult and time limited levels to save Bobby
- Unique gameplay features
- Unusual boosters
- Play Pirate Roulette
- Customize ship and raise black flag on the pirate's Vessel!
- Avoid Incredible enemies like the Monkey-hooligan, Gull-thief and many others
- Listen to the Shanty and Real Sea soundtrack
- Unlock 15 achievements and even more in the future.
  • Steam
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