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Heroes of Hellas Origins: Part Two

  • Жанры: Стратегии, Казуальные игры, Инди, Приключенческие игры
With Hellas captured by evil, it is in desperate need of saving. Join Hades in this match-three puzzle game to transform the stone wasteland into a realm of justice and rid the people’s hearts of evil. Become the hero that saves Hellas!

To help Hades in his quest to vanquish evil, you'll form chains of matching tokens and complete various tasks: find hearts and flowers of life, clear dark vines from the realm you are building, unleash lightning and remove obstacles to bring life to this desolate land.

On your adventure you will meet other gods from the Greek pantheon. Recover their lost powers by finding magical artifacts! Use their abilities at a time of need to shuffle the chips, or destroy firestones and monoliths.

The fate of Hellas is in your hands!

Upsell features:
● Challenge yourself with over 100 match-three puzzle levels
● Enjoy a story where the gods look to you for help
● Unlock exciting bonuses and achievements
● Original soundtracks for download
● Downloadable wallpapers
● 7 concept art paintings
● Descriptions of heroes’ helpers
● Descriptions of creatures appearing in the world of Hades
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