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Double Dragon Trilogy

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Three cult classics in one

- Double Dragon 1: You’re a martial artist called Billy, minding your own business as usual, when your girlfriend gets kidnapped by a dangerous gang called the Black Warriors.
With the help of your twin brother, Jimmy, you go kick your way to the Black Warriors’ lair to save Marian from a gruesome fate.

- Double Dragon 2: You managed to save your beloved from the Black Warriors. You thought that was the end of the struggle, yet the leader of the gang shot Marian to death. Devoured by grief and guiltiness, Billy and Jimmy get back to work to avenge her.

- Double Dragon 3: Three Rosetta Stones are scattered around the world. On a fortune teller’s advice, you and your twin brother go on a quest to seek them in order to challenge and defeat the world’s strongest adversary they’ll ever meet. But are you strong enough to handle such a hard task?

Double Dragon Punch or Kick?

All blows are permitted in Double Dragon Trilogy. Face off the fierce and the Black Warriors gang with your favorite moves: punch, kick, knees or just grab an assortment of not-exactly-street-legal weapons to silence them once and for all.

If not, make sure to try out the Arcade mode to go for the highest score (you can ever earn) or just go for the Story Mode to unlock new stages and achievements while beating up some Black Warriors folks.

Strong ‘80s arcade feels

Do you remember Double Dragon arcade debut back in the days? Set the difficulty to “original” if you wanna get those ‘80s arcade feels, but if you’re a pro, go for the “expert” one and show us what you got.

Original Graphics and an 8-bit killer soundtrack

Double Dragon Trilogy allows you to choose between the original 8-bit killer soundtrack and a brand-new remastered one. To enhance your retro experience, you can pick up original graphics to remember how it felt like to face Black Warriors back in the days, and a sweet video filter.

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