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  • Жанры: Ролевые игры, Инди, Приключенческие игры
Guide your adventure with beautiful girls through the mysterious campus. Adventure aside, this game also draws a vivid picture of the darkness filled inside Hakoniwa City. As a human the protagonist can't do much about it, but he has been observing. What will he see?

Female detective of mystery, ganki girl of beauty, choose between those two as you company to go through all kinds of challenge. The choice is important, vital even. It'll shift the story into different directions.
Enough CGs, mysterious events, evocative stories, a fantasy is born.

Our protagonist, ,Wakui Arata is a student in the artificial city called Senba City.
Senba City, also called Hakoniwa City, is a man-built city.

Some day in October, the MC got a invite from the student union of Tsunubane called Berizurukai.
Union president offered the MC "investigate the campus" quest.

From April this year, there has been a series of shocking events.
During this time, there has been 6 students missing from Tsunubane but due to there's not any witness, the events didn't raise the awareness of citizens.

Although the school has nothing to do with the missing students, they still find it very omnious.
Our MC, though not very willing to, still started to investigate.

He has tried to refuse, but Shizuku forced him to do it or the history that he wrote a very stupid novel before moving here would be exposed.

Arata started unwillingly.
With the cooperation of his only friend, the creepy Iriya Koko, the whole thing got weirder.

The enthusiastic detective Maezono Kirika and the 'creepily' cute Iriya Koko, which one would you choose to accompany you to the end?

"So, Arata, wanna reveal the secret with me?

All the characters in this game are all 18+ years old.

This game is pure fantasy, there's no connection between the fictional places in the game and the real places in real world.
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