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Overview :

Arabel is a 3D adventure game telling the story of a lost knight, searching her way out of the strange and twisted lands of the Abyss.
The path is set, but the gates have to be opened, and the guardians defeated.

Safe journey to you !

Travel through the Abyss :

Open your way through the darkness, ride along the old ruins and activate the seized mechanisms in the roots to awaken the abyss.

Fight the Guardians :

To defeat the monsters of the Abyss, you will need more than mere brute strength.
Observe them and shoot their shell to weaken them ! It's the only way to defeat them!

Creator note :

PFFF ! Making that kind of game was a real thrill !... and a hell of workload !
Seeing this very personal universe take life is quite strange but, wow! I’m so happy with it!
Creating this game allowed me to improve drastically. And even if the result isn’t perfect yet, i can tell that I’ve come a long way!
Special thanks to my friend Emmanuel (FractalStrike) for the musics, without which the game would clearly not have the same atmosphere!

I really hope you’ll enjoy playing this game !
Bye !

Credits and thanks :

Amaury Dangréau (Am.Hyde) - GAME creation.

Emmanuel Barbaut (FractalStrikeOst on soundcloud) - musics.

Cannelle Offman - Translation.

Playtesters :
Kader .C
Julien .D
Quentin .H
Nicolas .B
Loïc .A
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