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Brain Marmelade

  • Жанры: Инди, Приключенческие игры

Overview :

Brain Marmelade is a 2D platformer/ adventure game with an hand-draw creepy art style and a unique combat system.

This game follows the "Dumped One" in his dangerous quest to find the GLORIOUS Brain Marmelade.

The platformer :

Move around the levels and... Dodge ! Jump ! Jump again and roll to avoid enemies’ traps and attacks !

The combat system :

Place yourself near your foes, focus the cursor on them, take a good look and follow the combo appearing above their head to chain attack them and make them disappear !

Creator note :

This is the first game i’ve made and posted online.
The creation phase ended in september 2018 but i couldn’t upload it to Steam until now.
I never thought that creating a game on my own and carrying the project to its end would require so much effort!
I Hope you’ll enjoy it !
Bye !

Credits and thanks :

Amaury Dangréau (Am.Hyde) - GAME creation.

Arnaud Magous - UI debug, Save System, Gameplay Adviser.

Playtesters :

Musics :
Moonlight Sonata.
Hungarian dance n°5.

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