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Ohr: אור

  • Жанры: Ролевые игры, Инди, Приключенческие игры

The Blinding Light Dissipates; You Are Manifest.

The people's cries have activated ancient Ohr deposits and woken you from your slumber.

They used to sing songs about you, the angels, the stars the watchers; then one day you all disappeared.

But now you are back and must help them to find their frequencies, their souls, your heaven ....

  • The mother of all Rail slave games, all the genres, all the esoteric-ism, all the fever dreaming

  • Unique and bizarre "karma cow" micro management

  • "Tang soo do" your way through specially cordoned off battle hot zones; utilize round house kicks, spinning 360 hook kicks, ki energy attack and it's upgrades, diamond dredge and plas-palm.

  • Heavily inspired by NES turtles, Simons quest, The adventure of Link and Dizzy ....all the games your mother warned you about.

  • Tricky to master but rewarding wind up animation based attacks, precision jumping, over world and side scrolling action, shops.

  • OST of Evocative Piano reflections punctuated by F.Tylers menacing, grinding noise core.
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