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Home Architect - Design your floor plans in 3D

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Exclusive to the PREMIUM EDITION

  • Your 3D objects imported and converted: in .skp (up to SketchUp 2016), .dae, .fbx, .3ds, .vrml and .obj formats, import from 3D Warehouse
  • …Or create your own objects directly in 3D
  • Complete your 2D floor plans in full detail: add lines, polygons, circles, arches… And your own 2D symbols
  • 2D plan layout, multiple views on one plan
  • Extended wall claddings: metal sheet, 3D embossed design…
  • Extended roof features: roof extensions, openings, patios, cladding, purlin roofs, hall construction…
  • Create your own light sources
  • Scan your plans and import them to recreate your projects more easily and accurately
  • Technical network plans creation with 2D symbols and 3D objects

О программе

Build and visit your dream house in a few clicks!

Home Architect – Design your floor plans in 3D is a professional program for house modeling in 2D and 3D. This complete tool will enable you to create and customize the architecture of your dream house down to the very last detail.

The 3D Model engine guarantees a realistic 3D rendering from lighting management according to your location and time, to blueprint import and the ability to simultaneously edit your projects in 2D and 3D!

  • Simultaneous 2D and 3D editing
  • Advanced 3D rendering with lighting management according to your time and location
  • Orientation according to cardinal points for sunshine
  • Raytracing realistic 3D rendering with lighting management

  • Dozens of existing projects to get inspired
  • Wall customization according to their type and material
  • Create unlimited floors and buildings: from basement to attic!
  • Complex and customizable roofs
  • Skylight windows, dormers, fireplaces, solar panels…

  • Thousands of items and furniture
  • Customize hundreds of existing textures or import your own!
  • Outdoor: patios, conservatories, swimming pools, gazebos, garages, benches, barbecues…
  • Realistic panorama : add your own background pictures for a more authentic rendering

  • 2D layout with customizable cross section plans for building permits
  • Surface editor: creation of earthenware, tile, baseboard, border strip surfaces…
  • Customizable staircase with railing and stairwell options
  • Land and terrain editor: creation of pathway, stream, plateau, mound and ditch, height points...
  • Bill of quantities detailed for every room and material
  • 2D plans and 3D images export in .jpg, .png, .bmp and .gif formats

  • Illustrated guide with a glossary
  • Step by step video tutorials to create your first project in one hour flat!


With the Ultimate Edition, you will have access to many exclusive features:
  • 2D import and export in 2D-DXF and 2D-DWG formats
  • Joinery creation and customization tool
  • New features for the bill of quantities (Living space calculation; PDF, RTF & Excel export...)
  • Customizable 2D and 3D views
  • Additional roofs options (Merge; solar plants...)
  • More stairs options (Handrail, baluster...)
  • Alternative Snap Tool
  • Library exclusive to the Ultimate Edition (5000 objects; 25000 textures)
  • Many more features (Improved apartment management, shortcuts...)

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