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Mighty Switch Force! Academy

  • Жанры: Экшены, Стратегии, Инди
Its training day for new recruits at Planet Land Police Academy, and no one is more eager to earn their badge than Patricia Wagon. But when her training module goes haywire, Patty finds herself at the mercy of holographic endurance courses-gone-wrong! These deviously designed drills were meant to push any cadet’s skills to the max. But with the safety protocols disabled, Cadet Wagon will need to rely on her pellet gun and wits just to survive the day! The only means of escape is to pass the tests by apprehending simulations of public enemy #1, the Hooligan Sisters. Will Patty survive her trials and prove that this is the job she was made for?

As Academy Cadet Patricia Wagon, grab your pellet gun and take on brain-twisting puzzles so massive they span the entire screen! 20 all new puzzles and some twisted classics stages, all with a hectic cooperative couch-play option for up to 4 players to keep you and your fellow trainees in stitches!

  • Take on 20 all-new deviously designed stages!
  • Play alone, or with friends in 1-4 player co-op “couch play”!
  • Bonus Courses: 5 Classic Stages for up to 4 players
  • 4 Player Versus: Duke it out in competitive arenas!
  • Includes Steam Controller Support
  • Steam
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