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  • Жанры: Ролевые игры
Your siblings were taken, your mother executed, your father recently vanished, and you? You were one of the Goddess Azraelle's templars. That all changed when you found corruption and flimsy reasoning for your mother's demise.

You abandon the Order to seek out the truth and free your family. With the arduous fate of being chosen by the Goddess and empowered by an Archdemon, you begin your journey with these words haunting your mind: You will usher in the end of this world.

Use the Gifts of the Archdemon to Your Advantage.

  • Charm: Force people to like you to get your way, receive gifts or just bask in all those compliments.
  • Transform: Instead of fighting your foes, you may choose to transform them into powerful Jewels that grant you stat boosts and enemy abilities.
  • Shadowstep: Locked door, no door? No problem. Pass through any narrow wall to escape danger or grab a treasure chest.

Additional Features:

  • Active Turn-based Combat, just like that fantasy series that was never final.
  • Deny your enemy their turn and save your allies by using Disrupt command at the right time.
  • Invoke hidden power of your weapons and armor to turn the tide of battle.
  • No Random Battles.
  • Steam
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