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12 selected song tracks come with every purchase of GUILTY GEAR 2 -OVERTURE-!

▼Soundtrack List
01 Keep Yourself AliveIII (Sol GG2 Theme)
02 Ride on Time (Sin GG2 Theme)
03 Intellect & Reason.and the Wild (Dr. Paradigm GG2 Theme)
04 昼行灯 (Izuna GG2 Theme)
05 The Mask Does Not Laugh (Valentine GG2 Theme)
06 Holy Orders(Be Just Or Be Dead) (Ky GG2 Theme)
07 Worthless as the Sun Above Clouds (Raven GG2 Theme)
08 Misadventure (Mirror Match GG2 Theme)
09 The Re-coming (Sol VS Ky GG2 Theme)
10 Communication (Sin VS Ky GG2 Theme)
11 Dignity (Stage 19 BGM)
12 Diva (Stage 20 BGM)

Songs are placed in a separate folder, in your Steam install directory:
...\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\GG2\\Digital Extras

Об игре

The ultimate melee action [GUILTY GEAR 2 -OVERTURE-] is now on Steam!!
Pushing [Gameplay] and [Entertainment] to the extremes, with a splash of [Competitiveness] -- That's GUILTY GEAR 2 for you.

Real Time Strategy (RTS) X 3D Battle Action

Two completely different game systems carried out in a fast paced real-time environment.
Be the commander of your troops, and also be the frontline hero of your army, battling enemy forces head-on while giving out commands!

A whole new experience with the "Battle X Command"!

Combine your own blend of Action and Strategy and seize victory into your hands!!

Player-controlled "Master" comes equipped with an arsenal of actions available!
  • Dash across the battlefield with the Blast Drive!
  • Chain up attack combos with the myriad attack patterns!
  • Steps, Aerial Dashes, Special Attacks -- Use them to their greatest potential to score victory!
  • Charge your tension gauge to MAX and unleash devastating Overdrives upon your foes!

Micro-manage your troops and lead them to victory!
  • Advance together with your units, and capture enemy bases!
  • Over 50 different units, each with their unique actions and abilities!
The battle environment can change from a full-fledged army war to a sudden-death duel between Masters in the blink of an eye!

Plentiful Game Modes!

  • Campaign
  • Exhibition
  • Training
  • FreeMission
  • Option
  • Replay Viewer
  • Online (*)
*Currently only "Player Match" is available. "Rank Match" and "Rankings" will be implemented at a later date.
  • Steam
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