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Guide a little ghost and his bubble through an enchanted mansion filled with dangers and thrilling challenges in this incredible remake of Bubble Ghost. Master levels of skill and clever puzzles as you unveil the story hidden behind the spirit of Heinrich Von Schinker. This remake of the game features a fresh new look and a myriad of new features (like new game modes, fierce bosses, collectibles, and many more surprises) that will captivate you for hours. Get ready to protect your bubble through the rooms of this mysterious castle... Will you uncover all its hidden secrets?

In the ancient, northern English castle of the renowned inventor Heinrich Von Schinker, Heinrich's spirit returns as a tiny ghost. Accompanied by a mysterious bubble that he can be moved by blowing, he must face his own rebellious inventions and fierce wild animals. Guiding the bubble towards freedom is his only goal.

Bubble Ghost Remake offers an exciting gaming experience with several unique modes and features:

    Story mode
  • Dive deep into the gripping game’s story, unraveling the plot surrounding Heinrich and the enigmatic bubble, facing unexpected bosses, and uncovering all the castle’s hidden secrets.

    Arcade mode
  • Relive the magic of arcade lounges by tackling levels "old-school style", where lives are limited and every move matters.

    Challenge mode
  • Overcome exciting challenges carefully designed for the bravest players. Test your reflexes and skills in extreme situations.

    Speedrun mode
  • Are you a perfectionist? In this mode, the aim is clear: complete the game in the shortest time possible.

    Hall of Fame
  • Prove your worth and compete for a spot in the pantheon of "Bubble Ghost Remake" legends.

Main Characters

  • Heinrich Von Schinker: The famed inventor known for his madcap creations. Heinrich crafts ingenious devices that he sells to the high aristocracy of the realm. After his death, his spirit reincarnates as a tiny ghost, and he must guide a bubble to freedom.

  • Heinrich's beautiful wife and a talented musician. Sofia’s musical talents allowed her to soothe and befriend lots of exotic animals.

  • The main protagonist is Heinrich's spirit, but he doesn't know how or why he's become this ethereal being, nor does he understand the bubble in front of him. Will you help him find out?

  • Enjoy an adventure with over 40 skilful levels and clever puzzles that promise hours of entertainment and challenge.
  • Fully revamped graphics and sound bring the magical world of the castle to life.
  • Unlock in-game achievements and compare your scores with the world's best players.
  • Discover new hidden game modes, collectibles, and secrets for an even more thrilling gameplay experience.

  • Steam
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