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Making History: The Second World War

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Making History: The Second World War

is the 4th title of a series of turn-based Grand Strategy games. It's unique open-ended design allows players to experience alternative outcomes in the World War II era. This was an industrial conflict between the Great Powers of the Machine Age. The battles will begin in the factories, mines and the research labs, and resolve in the fields, skies and seas across the globe. Players and the AI are faced with historical decisions that change the course of history making every play through a new immersive Grand Strategy experience.

Below is a list of some gameplay features:

- Extensive Event content covering pivotal decisions and themes in WWII.
- Hundreds of additional alternative historical events
- Play any nation
- 280 Separate nationalities
- Colonies, Protectorates and Puppet Governments
- Easy to use scenario Editor for Modding
- Game played across horizontal wrapping World Map
- In Game Tutorial Mode
- Over 90 Steam Achievements
- AI focus on tactical Carrier Gameplay
- Nuclear Attack AI and Tactics
- Dedicated Strategic Bombing AI
- Aggressive AI Air Patrol Tactics & Strafing Attack Orders
- Air Transport, Railroad, Shipping and Mobilized Unit movement
- Hundreds of Unit Models featuring the most iconic aircraft, tanks and ships
- Missile Launcher Units
- Nuclear Delivery Units
- Jet Era Units
- Paratrooper and Glider Attacks
- Kamikaze Units
- Full Range of Armored and Artillery Units
- Naval Surface and Submarine forces
- Nation Unique Infantry Unit Models
- Naval Supply Vessels to extend Fleet ranges
- Region City Infrastructure Projects
- Detailed Research Tree covering technologies from Pre-Industrial to Atomic Eras
- Sophisticated Economic System
- Build Factories and other city infrastructure
- Expand Resource Output and trade to Supply your Factories and Troops
- Auto-Trade System Option
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