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Trails Of Gold Privateers

Embody a pirate in Trails of Gold Privateers. Sail through waters occupied by mythical creatures and collect as much treasures as possible to become a true legend of the seas !

Trails of Gold is a VR experience that can be played both solo or with 3 friends. Its arcade-oriented gameplay allows you to replay the missions, while discovering more of the game world and gathering treasures to unlock cosmetics for your pirate!


  • A main campaign that allows you to feel like a real pirate.
  • A plethora of imposing environments to discover, from the cursed sea to the icy waters of the Kraken and the Kingdom of Poseidon.
  • Legendary creatures from the deep to take down.
  • A multiplayer system that allows players to compete in boat races or to collaborate to complete epic levels.
  • A VR gameplay that is accessible and easy to master.
  • Steam
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