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Neon Blight

  • Жанры: Экшены, Инди, Приключенческие игры

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Об игре

Welcome to the cyberpunk future of Neon Blight. As the new owner of a cyberpunk gun shop, it's your job to provide the throng of wannabe heroes with the weapons they need to succeed in the fight against the megacorporations that rule the world. Enter the world of cutthroat competition, merciless rivalry, and boundless exploration as a fixer.
You provide the cyberpunks of your age with the weapons and equipment they need. Operate your very own gun store, fight through seemingly endless waves of enemies, and acquire the ultimate weapon by making your way through the Outer Border and the throng of enemies bent on keeping you away from your ultimate goal.

  • Manage your own gun store: Customize the shop you own and sell the weapons you acquire to the cyberpunks looking to improve their lot in life.
  • Gunrunning the Future: Sell hundreds of upgradeable guns to customers looking to gain an edge over the competition.
  • Loyalty at a Premium: Build relationships with your customers, fulfilling their needs and, when necessary, taking matters into your own hands, tackling their quests.

A weapon that can upend the balance of power at Eden awaits you. Can you locate the keys to the vault and claim the ultimate weapon?
  • Fight through dozens of hand-crafted levels to acquire the components of the ultimate weapon.
  • Gain the ultimate tool of war, upending the delicate balance of power at the new Eden.
  • Confront unique bosses to corner the gun-running market at the megacity and build a future of your own.
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