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To Be or Not To Be

  • Жанры: Ролевые игры, Приключенческие игры
This is a text adventure game that combines the gameplay of desktop pets and mini-games. You can advance the plot by clicking on the dialogue, or play mini-games to accumulate values to trigger new plots, and you can also cultivate your favorite characters by hanging up.
The game is currently in the development process, not all characters are displayed, but the basic gameplay and plot have been basically completed. We will continue to update character content and illustrations in the future.
Exploring the wonderful world of immortality on the computer desktop, your life has entered the countdown, and the only way to reset the hourglass of your life is... cultivating immortals! ? ​
Five exquisite mini-games​
How to improve your attributes in text adventure games? Hang up? Repeating tedious battles? Long and boring long conversations? Why don't you take a look at our five exquisite and challenging mini-games. ​
Sophisticated style​
The creative plot performance is believed to arouse your desire and enthusiasm to explore this wonderful world. ​
table pet play​
Don't want to waste too much time but still want the company of the characters in the story? Then try the table pet placement mode!
  • Steam
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