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The Tale of a Common Man


Jerrat was a farmer, not a knight or a lord, a common man, what the world considered just one of the 'little people'. But sometimes the world needs the qualities of a common man, and the actions of the little people can change everything.
Can Jerrat achieve his aim without ceasing to be the man his wife loved? Find out as you join him on his journey, where the tale of a common man intertwines with the destiny of a nation.

The Tale of a Common Man was made by Aldorlea Games, the creators of Millennium, Asguaard, Moonchild and many others.


Customize your game to suit your preferences
* Choose between visible and invisible enemies
* If you choose invisible enemies, vary the encounter rate from the menu
* Choose your difficulty level: Easy, Normal, Hard, Legendary. Be warned - it's called Legendary for a reason
* Allocate some stat points every time you level up to build the character you want. More stat points are given for harder modes
* Choose enable/disable mouse as often as you like

* 7 plus 1 optional characters
* Five characters in the active party to add strategic depth
* 8-direction movement with mouse or keyboard
* Title screen updates each time a new character joins the party to include their image
* 17 side quests
* 30 secret rooms to discover
* 30+ hours of addictive gameplay
* Make useful potions using ingredients and recipes
* Great-looking enemies, beautiful environments and charming music
* The Undefeated team back for another epic of masterful storytelling

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