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Martian Panic

  • Жанры: Казуальные игры
The Martians are coming and it’s up to you (and your friends) to stop them!

Battle a horde of loony Martian invaders in this on-rail shooter game. Packed with non-stop action, players will use a range of powerful weapons against a gang of colorful and comical enemy invaders. Collect powerups and rescue helpless civilians to get high scores and earn achievements.
INCLUDES Online Leaderboards

Visit a range of iconic locales from the drive-in movie theatre to the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Everything in the game is rendered in colorful comic book style with a retro 50’s science fiction vibe.

• 8 levels packed with colorful cutscenes and intense arcade action.
• 10 unique enemy types.
• 6 different weapons.
• 5 different powerup types to spice up the action.

• Cutscenes and Cinematic Movies (Each level contains a series of mini cutscenes which convey the storyline and give players a chance to rest between the action. These cutscenes are humorous and make use of in-game characters and effects).

• Multiple difficulty levels, achievements and a funny and engaging storyline filled with colourful characters, along with online leaderboards, increases the replay value and makes Martian Panic a great choice for anyone
  • Steam
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