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The Kingdom of God

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A wandering Kingdom

The Kingdom Of God: Creation It is an independent game integrating territory management, resource management, strategic chess, arms research and exploration. As a special new God, the player will have his own country, forge ahead and develop in the dangerous void universe. You need to manage your own divine land, the layout of buildings and the allocation of land. Expand your Divine territory by annexing various resource blocks in the void universe. Learn to use your magic skills well, which will enable you to gain greater advantages in business and battle. Finally, please lead your kingdom to become the most powerful kingdom in the universe, and you will be promoted to King and become the king of the new generation of gods.
  • Parcel resources:

The acquisition of land resources and the expansion of territory need to be achieved by annexing scattered land in the void universe; The functions of different plots and the surface are different. Using magic to layout is one of the means to effectively improve the output;
  • Random events:

Events are full of randomness, and each event may be the inducement of the next event; As a high God, you can't make the desired choice for these events, but you can indirectly influence the results of these events through different magic arts. The stronger the magic arts, the closer the events are to the favorable side.
  • Research arms:

Arms need to study and unlock; Each arm has one or more advanced routes. Of course, different advanced routes have different upper limits; In addition to research, there are various ways to unlock, and we look forward to your exploration.
  • Strengthening magic:

God is supreme and has many different effects and functions; By collecting beliefs, you can unlock or strengthen divinity; Rational use of magic can make you more relaxed in business and battle.
  • Resist foreign enemies:

There are many other divine kingdoms in the void universe. Who will decide whether it is peace or aggression? Be strong, whether it is to protect your home or to frighten the world.
  • More hidden elements are waiting for you to discover!

  • Explanation of common problems in the game:

    (If you find a problem, check the encyclopedia first. It may be a setting rather than a bug.)
    (For the production capacity of grain, it is not enough to rely on buildings alone. We need to consider God's skills and arms; There are many players' files that can prove that as long as there is no problem with the operation, the food can be sufficient. Of course, if more players feedback this problem, we will also make adjustments)

1. In the game design, there is no upper limit for the number of plots and arms, so it can be increased infinitely. This may lead to a slight jamming phenomenon when there are too many plots, and different configurations of computers have different effects. In this regard, we will continue to optimize the performance so that every player can get the best experience.
2. Balance of magic skills: since some magic skills do not set a level upper limit, the higher the upgrade, the higher the cost is in order to balance the income and expenditure levels of the previous and later stages. Players need to pay attention to cost performance. The price paid for breaking the limit is likely to outweigh the loss.
3. Natural growth of forest and other resources on the surface: affected by the environment, such as forest farms, caves, surrounding forests, etc.
4. Tips for obtaining food sources:
    (1) The farmland is built on the swamp plot, and there are water plots in the surrounding circle. The combination of God bless skills can maximize the food output.
    (2) The fishing ground is built in the deep-water area. The two circles around it are deep-water plots. The combination of divine skills can maximize food output.
    (3) Biological buildings, such as pastures and wolf dens. It can unlock the reproduction of corresponding creatures, and maximize food production and reproduction by using terrain and divine skills.
    (4) The slaughterhouse can control the number of organisms to obtain food. It should be noted that when the number of organisms is too low, the reproduction rate will also be greatly reduced. Controlling at a balanced value can maximize the food output.
    (5) In the market, food is obtained through the purchase and sale of resources.
5. Description of endless mode play: in this mode, there is no restriction on the end of the game after the three gods are reached. The enemy will continue to grow stronger and stronger. In the later stage, there may be balance problems such as the enemy's strength grows too fast and our strength cannot keep up.

About us

This is the first game officially launched by our team. It is the starting point and the beginning. If there are many shortcomings, we will learn from them modestly and make the subsequent works more and more excellent (the second game "Tianshi" has been registered in steam). At the same time, we also hereby promise that we will carefully read each of your comments, whether good or bad. As long as they are reasonable and what you hope, we will revise and improve the game. Thank you.

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