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Zombie Solitaire 2 Chapter 1

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Your escape from the zombies continues - now with even more of a bite! Play your cards right and escape the blood-thirsty zombies and their hunger for human brains once again.

After the outbreak of the first zombie epidemic many survivors managed to escape to an island. But they're in for a nasty surprise. When leftovers of the contaminated tofu regrettably end up on the island, another zombie invasion begins. Is there still any chance of survival?

Now your nail-biting escape back to the mainland starts. Enjoy many challenging solitaire matches and entertaining mini games as you find your way back through a land full of swaying undead and make sure you don't miss that last flight to safety.

  • Sequel to the popular solitaire adventure
  • Undo Button
  • 100% GMO and Gluten FREE!*
  • Including community feedback from the first Zombie Solitaire
  • Achievements + Trading cards (yeaahh)
  • Optimized and more challenging solitaire levels
  • 100+ exciting levels
  • Numerous power-ups and useful wildcards
  • Challenging Match 3 duels
  • Multiple-choice text adventures

*may contain traces of braiiiinzz



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