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Talos Arena Update

The Talos Arena Update is a free, massive update for Astra Exodus.
It includes:

Battle Simulator

Play battles right from the main menu. Select the your ships, the ones for your enemy and just start a battle. You can also adjust how large the battle is and even randomize it. Plus you can change the color of your ships.

Quick Designer

In order to make it practical, you can access a full featured ship editor right from the main menu, with all the modules in the game enabled. So you can quickly create any ship design you want. These designs will show up later in the game, as well as those in the game show up in the battle simulator.

Hotseat Multiplayer

Basically the ability of several people to play in the same computer, as different factions. You pick the ones that are human controlled and then manually switch players each turn.

New Heroes

8 new heroes were added to the game, to add more variety in large games specially.

Larger Maps

Two new galaxy size settings were added, which increase the max map size significantly, with over 200 starsystems.

New Galaxy Content

Two new peculiarities, one new menace, one new exploration event. The Astra Exodus universe has never been more rich.

Об игре

Astra Exodus is a single player turn based Sci-fi 4X strategy game inspired by the classics, with a multiple choice narrative driven epic campaign, top down real time tactical battles and an extensive semi-randomized research grid.
Take the chance to lead humanity back home, while uncovering the mysteries behind the Exodus, across a choice driven narrative campaign. Alternatively challenge yourself in the Sandbox mode by leading any of the various alien factions to several possible victory conditions. 

Epic Story Campaign

Lead the Earth Legacy Task Force through 9 arduous missions, in their Campaign for discovering the lost heritage of Earth, and make decisions that alter the story and gameplay in significant ways. You can be rewarded with exclusive and diverse abilities only found in this mode.

Dynamic Sandbox Mode

Take charge of one out of 8 different main factions, or create your own in the Sandbox Mode, as you thrive to enslave, exterminate, seduce or right out beat all and any competition. Survive a host of events and menaces, that will surely challenge your empire and all others.

Battle in Space and on the Ground

Fight in space and on the ground, with real time tactical space battles, where positioning and heading matters as much as weaponry. Lead your forces in initiative based top-down ground battles, with hosts of infantry, armour, strike-craft and even mechs! Or maybe just nuke them from orbit, that works just as well.

Explore captivating Galaxies

Colonize or conquer a vibrantly diverse galaxy of your choosing, full of wonderful stars, planets, asteroid belts, etc, all inspired by true astronomical phenomena. Maneuver your ships around black holes and supernovas.

Semi-random Research Grid

Research over 300 technologies, in an exclusive and randomized tech grid, which forces you to choose wisely what you research and guarantees that no two games will be the same. React to events in the galaxy by researching about them and obtaining unique advantages over your enemies.

Lead through amazing Heroes

Encounter and recruit amazing galactic heroes, to lead your fleets, govern your colonies or even spy on your enemies! Cause havok without firing a single blast, by conducting Sabotage and Revolt, among other operations, deep behind enemy lines.

Design your own Starships

Design you own starships, by deciding not only what weapons they carry and in which configuration, but also their Core and Support systems. Overwhelm your opponent with hosts of agile Frigates, swarms of Strike Craft or just with the immense firepower of a single huge Titan.

Open files for modding

Tinker, change and customize the game to your heart's content, adding new or modifying existing starships, factions, troops, technologies to the game. Re-enact some of your favourite sci-fi tv shows, movies and books moments right in the game.

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